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"Expert coaching, with medal winning experience."

Welcome to WaveCrest Swimming, the South West's premier swimming coaching company. WaveCrest works out of three main areas: the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Devon and Cornwall.

It was founded by Head Coach Cassandra Patten, an Olympic Bronze Medallist, double World Championship Silver Medallist, European Cup Champion, Swimming World Cup Winner, a professional swimming coach and most importantly an enthusiastic approachable person who takes great joy from helping people to improve and enjoy their swimming.



'Cassie' is one of only 3 British swimming athletes to have ever won an Olympic medal for the 10km open water swimming marathon. Originally from Cornwall, she is one of open water's true legends.

Growing up in Cornwall, Cassie always loved water, she would always be found in the nearest river or paddling in the sea. She is extremely dyslexic and found school a struggle, so her swimming lessons became her solace. After progressing through her swimming lessons she joined her local swimming club and her passion for competitive swimming was ignited. 

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We run regular sessions, swim camps and even one-to-one swim holidays for open water & triathlete swimmers as well as competitive junior & masters swimmers. 

Most of the coaching that we provide is delivered in three main regions which are the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Devon and Cornwall.

For more information please select one of the Coaching Options below.

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Have you always been a pool swimmer and heard about open water and want to give it a go? Or are you a seasoned open water swimmer / triathlete wanting to improve your open water skills?

This is the session for you. 

WaveCrest's coaching methodology is easy to follow and has been proven to effectively deliver long lasting results.

Ready to take the plunge? Find out more below.



Do you want to improve your stroke but end up feeling overwhelmed watching countless YouTube Videos?

At WaveCrest we appreciate that every swimmer is different. Expert knowledge and tailored sessions will allow the needs and levels of every individual to be met.

Our one-to-one coaching follows failsafe methodology that has been proven to improve results. 



We love the camaraderie shared by groups of people with a shared goal or common interest, so WaveCrest have developed a swim clinic which helps to build upon this.

These sessions are great for a group of swimmers to come together and learn as one. It may be a swimming club or just a group of friends looking to improve, either way you can be confident that the sessions delivered will be completely personalised to the groups needs.

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