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Open Water swimming is our passion, and we understand how the conditions of the water can change, making each swim a unique experience. With head coach Cassandra having competed in over 100 international open water marathons, she has swam in a multitude of different water conditions and has a thorough understanding of the individual challenges that different water environments bring. 

At WaveCrest we endeavour to up-skill our swimmers on both the technical elements to the stroke and also on the fundamentals of open water swimming. We draw upon our experience when coaching the open water specific skills such as sighting, drafting and navigating different water conditions. 

Our coaching methodology is easy to follow and delivers effective long lasting results. We ensure these sessions are personalised to each swimmer to gain maximum improvement and enjoyment.

WaveCrest currently run coaching sessions out of:

Lake 86, Cirencester 

Queensford lake, Oxford

As well as various costal locations in Cornwall

Ready to take the plunge?

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