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An effective swimming specific warm up is vital if you want to perform at your best in the pool.

Following British Swimming's guideline to swimmers I have produced a quick guide to pre-pool routines for swimmers.

The warm ups should be performed in the order:

1. Raise

2. Mobilise

3. Activate

4. Prime


Warm up pre-pool routine should start with two or three simple exercises to raise the temperature of their body.

  • Skipping 

  • Jogging 

  • High knee jogging 

  • Heal flicks 

  • Mountain climbers 

Remember to wear trainers 

Raise your body's temperture


After you have raised your body temperature you should aim to complete 3-5 reps of the following mobilisation exercises 

  • Standing streamline reach ups. 

Stand with arms at 90 degrees to your shoulders, stretch arms up into streamline position. Tips make sure your arms stay in line with the body, not pulled backwards or pushed forwards.

  • Thoracic Rotation 4-Point Kneeling

On all fours, lift one hand and arm and thread it under the body and through the gap between the opposite arm and leg. Allow your torso to rotate following your hand. 

  • Hip Flexor Lunges

Kneel in a lunged position, raise the arm on the side of the forward leg. Push your knee over your toes keeping hips and body in alignment. 

Mobilising exercises

IMG_0777 2_edited.jpg

After raising you body temperature and performing mobility exercises, you should continue your warm up with three or four activate exercises.

  • Glute raises 

  • Laying side clams with bent leg

  • Laying side clams with straight leg

  • On all fours legs only Superman



After raising you body temperature, performing mobility and activate exercises, you should finish you warm up with two prime exercises. Choose from 

  • Knees down press up

  • Squat in streamline 

  • Standing row using a band 

  • Reverse lunge 

Priming exercises

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